In recent times, significant shifts in the service provider space have shed light on the need for a consumer engagement paradigm change. Smartphone usage has grown by leaps and bounds, driving data consumption to all-time highs, making the market competitive. These factors are now pushing players to concentrate more on customer experience while continuing to concentrate energies on providing strong networks and products.

With all of this in mind, a fundamental shift is taking place in how billing systems are being designed and architected. The demand for a sophisticated and robust billing system is shining a bright light on legacy system deficiencies. Service providers must handle sophisticated services with various types of subscribers, all while maintaining and controlling services — charging for all of them in real-time.

In this white paper, we discuss:

  • Why are traditional billing systems becoming redundant?
  • The immediate need for cloud-based approaches
  • Advantages of cloud-native and agile billing systems
  • Your checklist for subscription billing and revenue management

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