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Business as usual in the video industry is no longer business as usual.

The world has gone mobile and the mobile world has gone all-in on video. The shift to digital is upending business models. The cable video industry is being radically transformed. Computer hardware platforms are becoming media distributors in their own right. Traditional media and entertainment players are reinventing themselves and competing for customer mindshare. And upstart, new breed media companies are pushing the envelope on delivery and content models. In fact, content that was once local and regional is going global faster than ever before. So how do you compete in this new world order?

Evergent can help with the right business management system for any video service. We offer a seamless, end-to-end user lifecycle experience from acquisition to support that helps you generate more revenue, delight your end-user consumers, and make your back-office far more efficient.

Cable & Satellite

Legacy systems can’t adapt to the mobile world? Evergent helps you create user journeys that generate more revenue from every customer relationship.

There have never been more ways to watch video—good news for consumers, but challenging for today’s cable video providers. Many consumers are cutting the cord, and saying goodbye to cable boxes and hardware connections, and hello to mobile devices wirelessly accessing over-the-top (OTT) video content from anywhere in the world.  OTT is not only co-opting the television space, but also creating its own unique value proposition.

As a cable and satellite company, you may be experimenting with new business models that deliver exclusive content. You may also be looking to offer super high-definition or virtual reality content. Regardless of your approach, you need to be ready to monetize this content everywhere users want it.

At Evergent, we recognize that the new world of OTT TV and video, and connected devices requires a new type of modern user engagement and billing system. One that follows the consumer, not the delivery system. As a cable/satellite company today, you need a solution that manages user journeys but is flexible enough to manage engagement across every device and every platform. It must span the entire customer relationship lasting many years.

Available in public and private cloud configurations, Evergent’s User Lifecycle Management suite consists of modern BSS/OSS modules that let you:

  • Use information and data to personalize the experience

  • Understand buying patterns and make recommendations for upselling and new products

  • Know the devices consumers use and prefer

  • Allow consumers to pay how they want, in local currencies and in local languages

  • Enable consumers to self-service an account or call a support rep

  • Deliver a unique, memorable customer experience and much more

  • Provision access to your service on smart TVs, mobile devices and connected TV boxes and even smart watches

  • Gain insight on which users are thinking of cancelling service so you can minimize churn

Your bottom line? Happy, loyal customers that increase your lifetime revenue.

Global OTT TV and video revenue will reach $64.78B in 2021; a massive increase from $4.47B in 2010 and $29.41B in 2015.

Source: Global OTT TV and Video Forecast

Telecom & Wireless

Not ready for media delivery? Evergent is. We are leading the way with our new mobile innovation platform that lets you monetize content in every geography.

Going mobile? Look around you. Consumers are embracing the mobile revolution in how they live, work, learn, play, shop and stay connected. That means if you’re a telecom provider or communications service provider (CSP) today, you are no longer just focused on billing for mobile handsets and a wireless connection.

To stay competitive, you need to offer new media and content services such video, audio, gaming, virtual reality and more. And you seek significant cost benefits from Internet-driven technologies.  In fact, in some cases you may be bundling live content and video-on-demand with your customer’s wireless account.  Your challenge? You have to make accessing and paying for these services as seamless as possible, and ensure that the customer journey is as engaging as possible—even delightful.

  • What is your strategy for reselling your own branded media experiences?

  • Can you help users search and find content from a simple interface?

  • Do you support micro-subscriptions and micropayments?

  • Can you support cash to voucher payments or offer billing directly in the monthly bill?  

  • Are you managing the relationship with your consumers throughout the customer video journey?

  • Are you providing added value to your customers?

  • Are you prepared to minimize churn?

Evergent offers an enterprise-class, cloud-based user lifecycle management solution. Our product—comprising CRM and revenue management software—offers a proven, end-to-end, flexible and extensible business support system for mobile video solutions. It can be scaled as your needs grow and evolve from regional to worldwide.

Number of digital video viewers worldwide will climb to 2.15B this year, according to eMarketer.

Media & Entertainment

Never built a direct to consumer service before and want to get it right? With Evergent, launch, monetize, and manage your content catalog across every global platform.

Choice. That’s what your consumers increasingly demand today. They want entertainment choices through a variety of delivery options across devices. And if you’re like most media and broadcast companies, you have a deep catalog of archive content you want to monetize across as many platforms and geographies as possible. You aren’t just looking to develop content for eyeballs, but you want to create content that builds a fan base of passionate users who return month and after month, year after year, united by shared interests and experiences. Evergent can help.

We are a global leader in cloud-based, user lifecycle management for video providers in 150 countries around the world. We can help you build a new subscription and OTT video services model focused on the user, the fan and the superfan.

Available in a cloud configuration that lets you rapidly launch and reach global customers, our solution consists of seven software modules that allow you to:

  • Launch and scale new services quickly

  • Better manage payments, billing, and churn

  • Handle all marketing, acquisition, promotions, segmentation, and upsell of new OTT services

  • Offer flexibility to change and update based on market demand

  • Manage the entire customer journey with a cost-effective, carrier-scale platform.

“The growing availability of online content will continue posing a threat to traditional TV.”

Chris Lederer, Partner
PwC’s Strategy & Entertainment & Media practice

New Media

Technology moving so fast, competitors gaining ground? With Evergent, dominate a niche market in all ways, and get a proven solution that can grow with your every need.

Niche content is the game changer that could revolutionize the entertainment space. By catering to a specific, narrow set of interests, it ensures that your customers come back for more. If you’re a new media company, you are using this strategy to take on traditional cable and setting your sights on these underserved niche markets with a combination of video, audio, games, music and more. You are focused on creating a larger platform by offering differentiated content and a delightful experience—that’s the good news.

The bad? You are competing with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and YouTube Unplugged for viewers.

At Evergent, we understand you may be experimenting with delivery options and content models. You require a proven and tested user lifecycle and revenue management solution that:

  • Can be implemented, scaled and adjusted quickly

  • Designed to meet your evolving consumer/user requirements.

Evergent offers an enterprise-class, cloud-based user lifecycle management solution. Our product—comprising CRM and revenue management software—offers a proven, end-to-end, flexible and extensible business support system for video solutions. It can be scaled as your needs grow and evolve.

Crunchyroll, Inc., the leading global destination and platform for anime and manga, has officially surpassed over one million paid subscribers and over 20 million registered users.

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