Agile Billing and Monetization



Extend your Recurring Billing and Revenue Management for the D2C Economy

Billing management across business models can be complex and fraught with challenges. Whether you are building a subscription business or transactional models, or something in between, Evergent makes billing optimization and revenue optimization processes simple across multiple geographies, payment models, and lines of business. We work with you business to help analyze the best mix of blended models you can go to market with.

Evergent supports numerous recurring payment methods including credit card, debit card, electronic funds transfer, check/electronic check, prepaid/postpaid cards, mobile operator billing, offline cash, money order, and legacy operator billing.

Evergent’s portfolio of cloud-based subscription management software lets you-

  • Evergent Agile Billing Address the most complex billing models at scale.
  • Evergent Revenue Optimization Automate and identify creative  revenue models for any pricing strategy or billing model.
  • Evergent Collection, enrichment, and management of eventsMinimize churn and recover up to 20% more subscription revenue.

Importance of Agile Monetization for Revenue Growth

Innovative revenue models to target new customer segments are exposing frailty in legacy applications. Hence, Evergent has emerged with pre-integrated, cloud-based monetization services to bridge these gaps.

OTT TV and video subscriptions are expected to grow to 2 billion by 2025 – Juniper Research 


Evergent Brings Agility to Monetization

Evergent offers an Agile Monetization Platform at a competitive cost which is comprised of cloud-based processes, tools to allow the creative business enablement you need. Subscription Billing categories including Financials, Billing, User Identity Management, Revenue Recognition, Offer Management, Order Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, e-Commerce and Churn reduction.

What our Customers are Saying

“Any solution that allows us to speed time to market and deploy differentiated products faster delivers tangible value for us,” “Evergent’s revenue and customer-lifecycle platform are essential to our growth strategy, as it allows us to make quick adjustments and constantly refine our monetization strategies.” – Alexander Elorriaga, Chairman of Simple TV.

Struum’s mission is to provide customers with a curated streaming experience that perfectly matches their tastes and interests. Evergent’s monetization and customer management tools are essential to facilitate that service.  We look forward to shaping the next generation of the streaming experience together with Evergent,”-  Eugene Liew, CTO, and co-founder of Struum.

Evergent’s Involuntary Churn Guide to Mitigate Churn Rate

Involuntary churn represents anywhere from 20-40% of overall churn, but the truth is that it is easily mitigated with the right technology platform. Involuntary churn reduction is one of the easiest and most direct ways to increase customer lifetime value (LTV), leading to higher customer acquisition and retention percentages.